Friday, 7 May 2010


It is both Tchaikovky's and Brahms' birthday today. I do seem to like birthdays at the moment don't I? Well they are a good excuse to start discussions...
I tried writing a post about high art vs. popular art but ended up writing a huge eulogy about the 1812 overture and then trying to philosophically defend popular music (x-factor style) but went into a huge and convoluted tract about sex selling and love songs being profound in the fact that no matter how ubiquitous and repetitive they are people seem to love them. Anyway I was rambling so much without any conclusion coming out of it so I decided not to post it.

Why doesn't someone else have a go, with Tchaikovsky and Brahms as our starting point.
I think that there is no point in discussing the election until we know who is going to be able to form a successful coalition... might be a while

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