Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Philosophy Reading Group - Hegel, History and Politics

Hi Everyone

Next term we will commence a new staff-student reading group focussing upon the ideas of the highly influential Franco-Russian philosopher Alexander Kojeve. There will be three sessions in all.

Session 1: Weds April 27th - Kojeve and the End of History Debate
Session 2: Weds May 11th - Kojeve and the Nature of Philosophy
Session 3: Weds May 18th - Kojeve and the Master-Slave Dialectic

Kojeve was a very significant but often silent influence on the development of 20th century western philosophy. Much contemporary French philosophy owes a huge debt to his interesting and innovative reading of Hegel.

In the first session, Neil and Patrick will discuss Kojeve's influence on contemporary political philosophy.

Readings for the first sesssion can be obtained from the box outside my office, rm 213, on the second floor of the George Eliot building.

These sessions should be of interest to all those taking Phil 205, Social and Political Philosophy, as well as those wnating to continue with Philosophy at post-graduate level.

All sessions take place 1-2.45 in room 219.

Hopefully we will see quite a few of your there!



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  1. What's funny is Kojeve - God bless her heart - is actually in control of Slavoj Zizek - the Slovenian fat-head - through Lacan (who loved to drink at the teat of Kojeve's lectern).

    Even though, if Zizek were to meet Kojeve - that is to say himself - in a dark alley, he would cry in alarm: "obscurantist!"

    But, actually it is for the best, because I like Kojeve most e(arnest)ternal(ly)ly. :)

    Thank you for the 'time' you delivered to these words, from your inner most heart a transmission to the desideratum.