Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Philosophy Staff Student Seminar Series

Philosophy and Psychoanalysis

In the 20th century psychoanalysis posed some very significant challenges to the modern western philosophical tradition; especially through its critique of the Enlightenment conception of the ‘rational autonomous subject’. This seminar series will examine the influence of psychoanalytic ideas on the development of 20th century philosophy and the extent to which psychoanalysis still needs to be taken seriously in contemporary forms of philosophical inquiry.

Weds 19th January 2010, room 215: Neil Turnbull - Philosophers and Players: Narcissism as a Theme in Western Philosophy

Weds Feb 9th 2010 Patrick O’Connor, room 219 - Desire and Pleasure: The Death of Life in Recent French Thought.Weds Feb 23rd 2010

Frederick Aspbury, room 219 - Hegel meets Freud: The Dialectic of the Subconscious

Weds March 2nd 2010 Ruth Griffin, room 215 - Through the Zizekian Lens Darkly: Lacanian Psycho-analysis and the Philosophy of Film

All seminars start at 1pm and finish at @ 2.45.

All Welcome!

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