Monday, 4 October 2010

Are Baby Boomers Responsible for the Current Economic Crisis?

We have recently seen a spate of publications blaming the current economic crisis on the excessive hedonism and agressive individualism of so-called 'baby boomer culture'.

The baby-boomers were the children born in the 15 years after the second world war(1945-60). They were people whose formative years were the 1960s and it was people from this generation that oversaw the worst financial crisis since the 1930s (and the worst recession since the second world war).

This claim has recently been echoed by Will Hutton in the Observer. Here's the link for those who are interested:

What interests me is whether this generation - sometimes called 'the me generation' - has sold us all a 'very big lemon' and left us with one hell of a mess to clear up.

Should we blame them? If so, how should we learn from their mistakes?



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