Monday, 15 March 2010

NTU Philosophy Society: Ed and Fred on ACADEMOCRACY

We will introduce the ACADEMOCRACY; our own proposal for an ideal state with an ideal Government. Ideal, here, should be understood in a broad sense since our exercise is one akin to Morre's Utopia or Plato's Republic. We will propose a sate based entirely on an elitist and exclusive meritocracy and limited suffrage. A centralised state with marxist/leninist economics (although with a limited private sector. Education would be entirely reformed, a long with just about all the institutions, morals and principals of the occidental parliamentary-capitalist world. we would be delighted if you could come a long and hear how our own utopia serves as a potential antidote to the poison of the current system, and afterwards to hear your thoughts and criticisms of our ideas

This session will take place on Thursday March 25th @ 6pm in room 219

Hopefully we should see a good and lively crowd

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