Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Philosophy Society Meeting 3/12/09

The first of this year’s Philosophy Society events has been organised and will take place next Thursday (3rd Dec) at 6pm. We will be having an informal discussion on Greek philosophy. If you have any problems or interesting discussion topics on the subject than please come along and, as Socrates says in Plato’s Republic, we will see where the wind of conversation carries us. I will provide some refreshments for which there will be a voluntary collection pot to cover costs. We expect the discussion to be around an hour long but we can stay as long as we like (within reason of course).I will prepare some topics myself in case we are faced with dead air. This would be a good chance for everyone to iron out any confusion from the first year section of the course on Greek philosophy and allow us to get to grips with some philosophical concepts still pertinent today. Afterwards the willing will be heading into the polis for some Dionysian revelry. See you there!

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